Online Business Basic Consultative Package


COACHING FOR LIFE membership! You’re about to embark on a journey that will forever transform your life!

We know the only thing that gets you from where you are today to where you want to be is having the proper MINDSET! You see, the only difference between what separates you from someone who makes six figures a year, or from someone with a happy marriage, or however you would define success, is how they think and what they believe is their potential! We’re going to show you how to tap into your UNLIMITED potential with not just one, but two training calls a day! Our morning huddle at 9 am PST/12 Noon EST is designed to get you rocking and plugged into a community full of other positive action takers to start your day right! Our 11 am PST/2 pm EST our Success Calls will give you a strategy or a tweak you can use and implement right away to get you to the next steps!

We’re going to get you starting with a consultant coaching program that will allow you to promote the Life Coach package, you’ll compensated $200.00 on your first two sales and then $400.00 on every sale after! We will provide you proven successful email templates to get you started to invite people you know and work with your sponsor: If you would like to start marketing and purchasing leads to get started, we will provide a system with the tools to get started: Your Life Coach sales funnel will be a – $237.00 quarterly business expense. Your Life Coach Email auto-responder with Aweber will be a $20.00 monthly business expense. The Texting tool will be $60.00 month business expense. We have a wide assortment of leads we’ve tested out and present only the best lead sources to purchase for your success! We provide a live scheduled on-boarding call via internet to get all these tools setup for you where one of our on-boarders will jump on your computer like a Microsoft technician and setup all of these for you!

You will have licensing rights to promote this product in your business and earn 100 Percent of the Profits after your first 2 sales.


ONLINE INFORMATION BUSINESS! You’re getting access to our Basic Online Business Consultative Package and will have all the training modules to build a successful online business.  You will get access to online coaches who are earning at least $30,000.00 per month to show you step by step the road to success.  No experience is necessary and you will have access to many successful online business professionals who had no experience when they acquired this program and are now earning $30,000.00 or more per month.  You don’t need to have any products to sell, but you can if you would like to with this system, most of our licensing associates just sell the licensing rights to this package for 100% of the profits after the first 2 sales.  The first two sales you earn 50% of the profits.  Just about every brick and mortar business needs assistance in promoting their business online and now you will have access to the products and services that is in constant demand.


1 Marketing Modules (20 videos) Learn the mechanics of starting a successful online business. Modules cover topics such as copywriting, conversion rates, sales videos, up-sells, down-sells and much more.
2 Social Traffic Modules (7 videos) Learn how you can manage, grow and automate your social media presence, and spot opportunities in your niche to boost business.
3 Law Of Attraction (10 videos) Learn about the law of attraction and how you can use it in your own life to achieve your true calling.
4 Personal Self-Esteem (3 audios) Techniques for global and personal transformation.
5 Meditation Series (20 audios) Relax with this 5 topic meditation series.
6 Make Money In 5 Minutes (3 Videos) Learn How To Make Fast Money Using Fiver!
7 List Building Basics (10 Videos) List Building Guru Runs You Through His Beginner’s Course.
8 YouTube Editor (8 Videos) Learn How To Edit Your Marketing Videos For Free Using YouTube Editor!



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